Lar group


Barakaldo, Vizcaya (Spain)




Jorge Allende


Broadway Malyan


Pedrali, Kettal & MIDJ

We are facing a new paradigm in Retail. One of the most important is based on the need to provide a space for users with whom they identify, creating a sense of community and belonging where they feel seen not only physically but also emotionally.

For this, in our process of reconceptualization of the Megapark Barakaldo, we built this local narrative, and we also faced the need to restructure the retail industry to appeal to an increasingly demanding and resilient shopping.


Commercial spaces should be established as places of proximity, returning to the neighborhood. We cannot think of them as isolated spaces, but as local places. These places create a physical and conceptual connection with the city, incorporate it into their designs and incorporate its uses, delivering emotion through their operators while providing unforgettable spaces.

Considering as a basis this retail design focused for the community it is possible to ask, is it possible to give a response at urban scale, generating and creating not only commercial spaces, but for citizens to work and grow? This means being at the service of the community.

Retail is the ideal foundation to meet environmental challenges and deliver the large-scale technology solutions that consumers are increasingly demanding and willing to pay for.

Being updated is something that accompanies from its original base to the renovation of the Megapark Barakaldo, this not only deals with conceptual issues as discussed above, but is faithfully reflected in materiality and spaces.

More modern, elegant appliqués and finishes are included with warm tones, generating a more welcoming and homey atmosphere in the shopping center.