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Cádiz, Spain




Cabana Team


Cabana Team


Vibia, Pedrali & Contain

The unbeatable location of the Senator and its Spa makes it a unique hotel that offers spaces designed by and for comfort. We are in an environment where the atmosphere that is breathed in each space is vital to promote the project, that is why the core, which is the Spa, bathes the rest of the spaces with its very essence.

In the corners of this old palace-house you can breathe the atmosphere of Cádiz, reinforcing classic architectural elements such as the interior courtyard that works as a reception.

Warmth, clarity and spaciousness form the keys to the design of the rooms. The neutral color palette invites you to relax and is contrasted with small touches/details of textures such as natural carved ash paneling or hydraulic floor with Andalusian motifs. This light box establishes the balance where furniture takes centre stage.