Rincón de la Victoria, Spain




David Zarzoso


Cabana Team


Santa&Cole, Aromas del Campo

Málaga is “in fashion”.

his is a well-worn statement due to the exponential progression that the city has begun more than a decade ago and that keeps in tension those responsible for its development and planning. It is a significant challenge for planners and other technicians who try to avoid an amorphous, chaotic and unnatural growth, from the capital to its western area, which show us that progress without control does not help much.

Meanwhile, in their localities towards the eastern part, as is the case of this house for a couple native of the Rincón de la Victoria, they try to go unnoticed and stay outside as long as they are allowed to this emergence and bustle, yearning to perpetuate the stillness of a place that undoubtedly offers a vision of the more traditional Málaga, where it allows us to connect with its context and more ingrained traditions.

Casa Playa is a renovation and interior design in the middle east of the province. The main objective of the project is to open its spaces to the sea whose spectacular views of the plot become the main driver of the design to promote the enjoyment and use of these, thus respecting the constructive and atmospheric characteristics, creating an open space bathed in natural light.