Prosegur cibersecurity


Madrid, Spain




David Zarzoso


Cabana Team


Santa&Cole, Aromas del Campo

Working methods and interaction have changed rapidly; consequently, spaces need to evolve to succeed in creating connections between their occupants; the office being the physical identity of these spaces, they have to abandon the old model characterized by its rigidity and sobriety for something that adapts to the constant change, looking for a space that creates synergies endowing it with personality and functionality.

Its design is given increasing relevance as they are spaces in which a great deal of user time is invested, a design that promotes the comfort of workers and is able to respond to the needs of new working modes; focusing on two very important aspects: ADAPTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY.

A well-designed workspace is key to ensuring the well-being of your users. With this leit motiv we formalize different areas, the more open areas are answered with less aggressive furniture that invites to rest in them being perfectly permeable and accessible both physically and visually, in contrast, the assembly areas find larger and more rigid partitions that allow complete isolation if necessary; These organizations function according to a need to distribute new work equipment even at specific times isolating certain areas by means of mobile elements.

All this accompanied by their materiality, simple and light tones, with slightly organic shapes adding that natural point that adapts to the user.


Prosegur is a spanish security company that defines itself as being ahead of time. They are dedicated to honesty, rationality, precision, long term visions and especially companies: their priorities, standards and the holistic vision. In order to translate that universe into a built environment (architecture, interior design and landscape) that was to function globally, we turned to atmosphere rather than aestheticism or rulmaking.