PUE - Google Partner


Madrid, Spain




Jorge Allende


RDT engineering


Sancal, Moroso & Vibia

If we ask ourselves, what makes each of us different? is the fact that we each have our own identity, something that makes us stand out from the rest, something unique. This same mentality is what happens in the day to day of any company, show its virtues that make it stand out from others. With this attitude we approach the remodeling of the PUE offices in Madrid.

We analyze the values of excellence, innovation and high performance that we find in this company translating them architecturally into modern and inspiring spaces; the transparency between spaces together with its permeability characterizes the new offices allowing to promote a work environment where all can be more connected without forgetting the specific needs in more private moments.

The challenge is to ensure that the very essence of the company is not something transmitted only through paper or theory, but that it is breathed into the atmosphere of the work space itself, showing its values.

There is a direct link between healthy environments and healthy people. To ensure that people live in good conditions with their office environment we need a respectful interior design, and furniture that suits its users.

It is in the small details of the work area where we find the source to generate this remodeling; formally more flexible elements that accompany the flow of movement, more pleasant and warm materials, and greater visual relationship between all areas, which translates into a better connection.