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Málaga, Spain




The Visual Plan


Play in Colours

Community life, in the family, a concept linked to the character of people who over time break the barriers of the home influencing and asking for its greater relevance in their immediate environment; people seek to have spaces that represent who they are, where you can collaborate and create a sense of belonging. In this line is going to focus the re-imagination of this Retail.

The intervention in Rosaleda mall aims to generate an exciting and experiential destination, including leisure, fun, operational reorganization and aesthetic order. The mall is one more element of the community that surrounds it and as such must coexist and adapt, in other words, offer more contemporary and innovative services; an update.

We take into consideration the current virtues that the center already possesses and we take advantage of them to be able to develop it, as we previously commented this center is in a very direct relationship with its environment, Understood almost as an extension of the street with several points of restoration where you can take something, making good use of natural light generating large open interior spaces or squares. It is with all this that an update is needed that makes the Rosaleda emotional, for this the concept of local stars appears, spaces facilitated for local promises creating emotional ties with users.

The links of the Rosaleda mall are its engine, is what sets in motion all the activity that happens in it, in them is proposed an update not only aesthetic but services that a greater sense of familiarity for users. Continuing with the concept of understanding the center as a part of the street itself and the neighborhood, this affects the entrance of the same, going from being only a transitional element, a separator, a divisor between the outside and interior world to an attractant more.

Making the experience for each user unique and personal is our main objective, so some of the tools used in the center include collaboration with the Rosaledas high-school or the use of art as a social tool. Collaboration is the main element that articulates the project, the neighbors become co-authors of the work, so the building is no longer an imposed element that is presented to them but something that can be molded.


This artistic project aims to inspire people, involving them in the process of changing the environment in which they live. It aims to transform these vulnerable communities through participatory pictorial dynamics. The realization of murals not only supposes an aesthetic improvement of the place, but it changes the perception of the neighborhood as a habitable place and strengthens the relations that the neighbors have of their living space.

Rosaleda mall maintains its values, but applying different aesthetics that make the center a great experience for the user.